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ZELA’S first foray into the commercial arts was as a muralist in Montreal. For 7 years Zela produced original images for retailers including Ford, Future Shop, Second Cup, Loblaw’s, Crater Software, and trade-show booths for O’Neil’s/Vans sporting goods and Hollywood Jeans. She has even created a Christmas card for the Canadian Space Agency. Deciding to take a different career path, Zela sold her business to her partner, and enrolled at Sheridan College of Art and Design. After completing the Illustration course, she quickly found success working for clients such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Golf for Women, the Financial Times London, the San Francisco Chronicle, Blackbook, Microsoft, and many others. Numerous advertising and design firms have courted her, creating posters for Knorr Soup and album covers for a variety of musical genres. Her work has also been used heavily in the snowboarding industry, where Option, Ltd, Sims and Lamar have commissioned whole lines of board designs.

For a couple of years, Zela has also been creating surface designs for Mexx Clothing and Jude Clothing. From handcrafted repeat patterns, delicate embroidered illustrations, and stylish t-shirt prints, her work has been utilized successfully across many platforms. Other uses have involved packaging, logo works, hand lettering, and as adornment printed on bags.

Zela has been featured in Communication Arts in Fresh, had countless write-ups and links in both traditional and electronic publications, and has a steady stream of private collectors purchasing prints of her work.

7×7 Magazine, American Airways Magazine, American Prospect, Atlanta Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Bay Street Bull, Billboard Magazine, Blackbook, Boston Magazine, Business 2.0, Canadian Family, Cocoa Magazine, Computeractive, Contemporary Poetry Review, Country Life UK, CSO, Domino Magazine, Engineer Perspective, Enroute, Esteem Magazine, Explore Magazine, Flaunt, Flux, Food Service & Hospitality, Forbes, Forum, Golf For Women, Homemakers, HOW Magazine, Humanist in Canada, Maisonneuve Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Numb, Nuvo, On Nature Magazine, Orange Life Magazine, Out, Playgirl, Portland Mercury, Premiere Magazine, Print Week, Realms of Fantasy, Risen, Rocket Day Arts, Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, Saturday Evening Post, Saturday Evening Post, Saturday Night Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Source Media, Ski Press Magazine, Spin, The Atlantic Monthly, The Progressive, This Magazine, Transcontinental Publishing, UP magazine, Utne Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Yen etc

Dallas Morning News, Dose, Eye Weekly, FT London, Nashville Scene, National Post, Redspring Comm., San Francisco Chronicles, Seattle Weekly, Minnesota Monthly, New York Times…

Bamford UK, Jude Clothing, Ltd Snowboards, Maverick Records, Masoomian Clothing, Mexx Clothing Canada, Noble Works, Ojos De Brujo Records, Option Snowboards, Quirk Books, Roaring Brook Press, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Sims Snowboards, Warner Bros Entertainment…

CryptoLogic/WagerLogic, DDB Canada, Guez Communication, Microsoft…

Kenneth R. Wilson Award: Top 5
Sheridan College Illustration
Outstanding Achievement Award

Communication Arts Fresh
Risen Magazine
Nightlife Magazine
Idea Magazine

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