Denim Done Right

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Summer 2014 trends are all about flashing back to the past and revisiting trends from the 80s and 90s (even if they weren’t so cute at the time). The important thing, though, is that this season’s top designers and retailers are re-imagining these trends in a way that’s chic, current, and won’t have you hiding photographic evidence ten years later. Today’s trend alert is all about denim.


Okay, okay…I know you’re probably having horrid 90s flashbacks right about now. When designers started debuting denim-clad S/S 2014 collections, all I kept seeing in my head was Justin and Britney in head to toe matching denim at the VMAs…not cute. Much to my surprise, though, top designers like Balmain really created a new, fresh and vibrant take on denim, taking head-to-toe denim from  Canadian Tuxedo to Street Style Heaven. Here’s how.

1. Keep it Modern


They key to pulling off denim is to keep things fresh. Invest in accessories that are current and lend a little edge to your look, like this lovely lady’s totally on-trend knee high socks and reflective blue shades. The simplest touches can make all the difference. Think midi rings, ankle boots, and modern cuts like structural jumpsuits and high cinched waists.

2. Back to Black


There’s nothing dowdy about denim and chambray against a sleek black base. Take a cue from this street style goddess and create some contrast with light denim against black outerwear, trousers, and footwear.

3. Block it Out


Yes guys, this trend is for you too. Another way to do denim right is to put your color blocking skills to the test and block different shades of denim. If you’re feeling really gutsy, block different shades in one piece as seen in the jackets above to the far right and left. Upgrading denim looks using only one tone is insanely difficult, so maybe we should just leave that to the likes of Cara Delevigne, hm?

4. Leave it to Leather


Leather pieces are an amazing go-to for adding a little kick to any look, so why not add some leather to your denim repertoire? If you have the balls to do it, throw some leather over a classic pair of denim overalls and add a killer pair of boots and you’ll be unstoppable.


With a little extra attention, there’s no reason why you can’t absolutely kill it in denim this season. Remember to keep accessories current, cuts modern, and accents on point. But remember guys and girls: You have to wear it, live it, and own it because insecurity looks so much worse when it’s covered in denim.

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