Where Nature Meets Fashion

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Chico California-based eyewear brand Woodzee takes your eco-friendly fashion and raises you a tree. That’s right, a tree. Every time you purchase one of Woodzee’s amazing pieces, they plant a tree to, “replenish the resources we use so that we continue a healthy circle.” Their products are brilliant, and their message is pure.

“You buy, we plant. It’s that simple.”





Running between $75-$100, these earth loving shades are about 50% less expensive than most other designer eyewear pieces, prescription and otherwise. This brand aims to show you that fashion does not have to be at odds with nature. In fact, nature can be the base from which it grows.

Another great feature in Woodzee’s campaign (as if there could be any more) is that if you recycle an old pair of their eyewear, you get 40% off your next purchase! These guys and girls don’t screw around. They want to see their mission through from start to finish. Their ambitions don’t end when they send their products out the door.

Look good while doing some good and shop online today.

Photo Credit: Woodzee Collections

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