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Hola (hello in Spanish), Shaun Samson, founded in September 2011, is a clothing brand based in the United Kingdom, and thank God it delivers to the United States. This brand is a mix of Top Shop and American Apparel. Why do I say this? Glad you asked.

Shaun Samson features shirts such as the one depicted below, where the top is a chiffon/see through type of material, like many items that American Apparel obtain. It allows for boundaries to be broken and a little sexiness to come out. Another item that stood out of this original avant garde brand is a sweater that contains fur. I know what you may thinking, ‘what makes a fur sweater so original?’




Maybe it was the multiple patches of fur, the two to three diffrent types of design in one item or the fur overlaying the name on the sweater. Shaun Samson’s other items such, as a simple top but with a chunk of metallic going through the botttom end of it, not only changes the look but adds edge to any future outfits with the top. Besides tops the brand also offers, bottoms and accessories.

That’s what makes this brand so avant grande. Each item is diffrent in a way that have yet to see. It can be seen that every detail was taken into consideration. It’s creating a new look for fashion.


Shaun Samson also has locations that contains items in their line across the United States, places such as 12345 Clothing, Los Angeles and in Dover Street Market, New York.

Who wants to stand out? While doing my weekly online shopping I could not help it and found myself constantly going back to Shaun Samson’s facebook and website. Go check it out and like their page, it’s a must see brand. Adios!

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