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The perfect shirt: an elusive creature comprised of quality materials, superb stitching and an incomparable fit. The search for such an entity has been going on for decades. As we’ve moved away from customization and towards mass production (for economy’s sake) the ‘perfect shirt’ has seemed to slip further from our fingertips. One brush of the hand against a stiffly starched, previously decadent, designer shirt and you can tell they’ve switched something in their supply chain; the fabric has changed, the stitching is sloppy, the cut it boxy.

So where is our saving grace? Where is the brand devoted to quality over economic gain? Who can we trust to cloak us in unparalleled quality, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in cities and in suburbs, until (fad) death do us part? The answer lives in New York and, like all the best things in life (ie. gelato), comes from Italy .

Proper Cloth is a small pioneer that restores faith in the sanctity of brand loyalty, without asking for blind loyalty. Their brand is rooted in one single mission: to be a beacon of quality, stylish and tasteful customized menswear while providing the best service available. Offering everything from the classics of clean lines and solid colors to contemporary Japanese Katazome prints, Proper Cloth is committed to supplying  enough choices to satisfy even the finickiest of shoppers.


Proper cloth sources only the finest cottons, cashmeres and silks from around the world. For their Sea Island white herringbone fabric, Proper Cloth actually sources cotton from the one place its grown, Barbados, has it certified and then ships it over to Italy where it can be made into fabric thats so comforting you’ll want to cover your life in it.


Of course, what would statements of quality be without a little reassurance? Proper cloth offers to fix or completely remake anything that doesn’t fit exactly the way you want, which is pretty comforting for those of us that are never satisfied. Targeting all those whom exude class in their every day lives, Proper Cloth supplies the best options for any profession, occasion and style.

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BONUS: If you’re lucky enough to live in the NYC area, Proper Cloth has a showroom where you can schedule a custom fitting and see the quality for yourself. Open most days, you might be able to get in before the Holidays, but I would hurry. Be sure to check out , and follow them on their social media pages.

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