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What’s worse than showing up to work on a hot day drenched in sweat? NOTHING. You look out of place, smell nasty, and will be terminally uncomfortable. But wait, there’s got to be a better way, a method of keeping cool while staying cool?? No, it doesn’t involve space suit looking lycra or constant Slurpee consumption, although I wouldn’t fight it… What we’re talking about, of course, is COOLMAX®, a moisture wicking fabric that is composed of a special blend of high tech cotton and polyester. COOLMAX® is designed for the functionality and versatility needed to successfully navigate warm temperatures without the ugly stains.

Utilizing the benefits of COOLMAX®, is a brand called Fairwear. The locally sourced company is based on the original urban park of America, Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, PA. Fairmount Park serves as the ideal testing ground for this developing technology because it’s situated in the center of the city and extends out into the great Pennsylvanian wild. Not quite the Appalachian Mountains, but the 10,000 acres of protected trails and waterways give city folk a much-needed outdoor escape. In Fairmount Park, you can ride your bike freely, row on the river, or just enjoy the subtle sounds of nature. Fairwear isn’t advocating ditching your job and running into the wild like Emile Hirsch. Fairwear simply thinks that a little break from congested streets and blaring car horns isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Fairwear is designed to combine outdoor and professional environments seamlessly. They are staunch supporters of bicycle commuting and want to create the gear that goes with it. Gone are the days of ridiculous form-fitting material. Fairwear is focused on updating and improving the clothing we already love to wear. Fairwear makes gear designed for commuting to work, working at work, and relaxing after work. We may not wear a suit everyday, but we always want to look good. Consider Fairwear when making your next dress shirt purchase!

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