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Over the past few years, fashion as an industry has really begun to realize its powerful global potential, and being that it’s one of the world’s largest markets, this should come as no surprise. Unfortunately though, the industry has to this point been exploitative to a multitude of demographics all over the world, particularly in the cases of women and children of the Global South. As a response, brands like Jekkah seek to reclaim social justice in the fashion industry through one of the market’s newest and greatest endeavors: fair trade clothing production.

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Based out of the Gambia in West Africa, this amazing label employs Gambian tailors to construct one-of-a-kind handmade pieces for us to enjoy. Each piece is created one at a time and in limited quantity, so if you’re looking to add some originality to your closet, look no further than Jekkah.

The line’s unique pieces seem to breathe with their own bit of life. Meaning, “to be beautiful and elegant,” in the West African Wolof language, each and every item exudes the brand’s message, which is to revitalize your wardrobe with pieces that make you feel your own sense of Jekkah.

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No word of lie, when I looked at the prices for these painstakingly crafted pieces, my jaw dropped. While the site’s displayed currency is the British pound, Jekkah offers international shipping to most locations, so when it comes down to it these pieces range from 15 to 60 USD. Insanity!

So kids, you have no excuse. One of a kind clothing at an incredibly affordable price. (I’m snagging a crop top and tote bag as we speak.) Support Gambian artisans and show the fashion world that ethics and social justice are for damn sure important.

Photo Credit: Jekkah, Jekkah via Tumblr

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