City Showcase Series: Devastee Paris

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Paris-based label Devastee proves that streetwear and runway worthy fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Making use of striking black and white, a streetwear favorite, the brand sends aggressive looking models down runways in equally aggressive fashion that demands attention, leaving viewers stuck inside a Tim Burton style dream.

Their motifs, almost absurd with their smiling cartoon faces and crossword puzzle prints, are not for the faint of heart. If styled poorly these pieces can go from zero to comical in two seconds flat, but if done right, they’re complete magic. That’s what fashion should be – teetering on the edge of failure and triumph at all times. It’s nothing but triumph when models fall into Devastee hands.

Take notes from Devastee and make sure that your personal style never fits into a box. Just as the brand’s streetwear and runway inspirations have learned to coexist, so can every facet of your own aesthetic.


Photo Credit: Devastee, Bullet Media

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