City Showcase Series: 10Deep New York

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When New York native Scott Sasso founded mens streetwear line 10Deep in 1995, he did so with individuality in mind…not with some vague notion of self-expression, but with a sense of vivacity and energy unique to those born and raised in NYC.

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This design house gives us yet another look into the intrinsic connections that exist between art, music and fashion. The brand’s foundation takes hold in New York’s underground music scene, and its aesthetic brings together all of the fantastic elements that make up the city’s signature street art and graffiti – vibrance, color, rebellion, expression, intrusion.

Sasso drew the label’s name from what he believes to exist at the center of any success story: the work you do and the empires you build with your own hands, with your 10 fingers. And build he did.

When streetwear feels bogged down by black and white, 10Deep breaks up the monotony with bold prints, primary accents and sweatsuits crafted for hard-hitters only. To wear 10Deep is to command attention, and to wear it well is to bask in it.

Shop their amazing Spring and Pre-Summer 2014 INTRNTNLLY KNWN Collections online and join the ranks in this street style revolution.

Photo Credit: 10Deep 

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