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It looks like the city of angels is at it again, kids. Los Angeles-based streetwear brand ACRYLICK, like many other brands on the underground scene, aims to strike a balance between helping you find yourself at your deepest level and helping you spread compassion as part of an ever-evolving collective with designs that are at once new and comfortably familiar.


Though often falsely perceived as a superficial industry, those who know fashion are aware of its aesthetic and its power to act as a vehicle for our own expression. As the designers at Acrylick point out, “The masses may first perceive the word acrylic as being only related to paint, but when analyzed to a deeper symbolic level, it is much more. Acrylic is used to paint and can be easily seen as an element we use to express our feelings, emotions, and soul on paper, canvas, wood, etc. It is a medium that we use to put what we have in our minds and hearts out to the world visually.” Life imitates art and art forms the core of fashion.

Making full use of the gender-bending capabilities of streetwear designs, the brand seeks to destroy boundaries of gender, race, creed and status while maintaining their conviction that, although we may all come together, we must all be aware of the potential that lies in our ability to stand apart.


Be sure to shop Acrylick online today and let the brand know just how badass they are on twitter @acrylickco

Photo credit: Lookbooks – ACRYLICK LA

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