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If anyone in the know shops vintage in London, they shop on and around Brick Lane, and they for damn sure make a stop at Blitz London. Founded in August of 2011, the retailer immediately made waves as the largest vintage department store not only in the UK but in the entire world. With floor upon floor and rack upon rack of amazing vintage clothing, Blitz London is near and dear to my heart. The two hours I spent in that store were not nearly enough (although my bank account would disagree), and you best believe this place will be one of my first stops when I move back to London in the fall.

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Unlike most vintage boutiques that are a hodge podge of silk tops and dated overcoats shoved any which way, Blitz stays true to its department store concept and is organized as such. Instead of poring through a mess of sizes, colors and cuts, the ultra-chic gang over at Blitz makes sure all merchandise is easy to find and sift through in order to ensure the best possible shopping experience.

Another amazing endeavor by Blitz London is their repurposing of otherwise underwhelming vintage pieces. Colorful pockets are sewn onto tired crewnecks, silk scarves moonlight as crop tops, and outdated blouses get trendy updates like fringe and tie-front details.

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Carrying equal amounts womenswear and menswear, this is a one-stop-shop vintage goldmine and the prices are fair, so there is absolutely no chance of buyer’s remorse. In fact, you’ll just keep going back for more (trust me, I know from experience). Blitz London only carries the highest quality vintage pieces, and with price points like theirs, you have no excuse to miss out on this vintage innovation.

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