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Super amped to finally get the opportunity to chat with you all, and dig deeper into your minds about the whole Win and Woo project. Let’s start this off by telling everyone a little more about how you got started with music, and your creation.

We met in College at Illinois State, and began to play at numerous #GREEKLIFE events around the university. We quickly picked up Ableton about 2011 to get a feel of the whole production aspect on everything. We kept it simple by taking the first three letters of our last names to create our identity. In 2014 we started the Win and Woo project. The rest is history and we have been creating music for a few years now.

Growing up in Chicago have you seen any impact in the way you produce music?

At first we were heavily influenced by house music, and still are to be quit honest. I would say we have Chicago to thank for that because its deep history in the industry. It’s hard to forget where you’re raised, never loosing sight of your roots.

How would you describe your sound to others?

Electronic, Vocal Centered, Dance Tunes 🤘🏼

So you’ve recently teamed up with Bryce Fox on your latest track. What was the inspiration with this production? Tell us a little of your thoughts with this one.

We went through a lot of revisions with this one making it the best it could be. We wanted to blend the Win and Woo sound to that of pop + radio record vibes. The theme of the song revolves around the need for love regardless of struggle. The city of Chicago has provided comfort for Bryce and ourselves for most of our lives. We feel this track can relate to people on many levels, whether it be a lost relationship, a war torn world, or daily life struggles. Hope you enjoy it!

What is about being an artist makes you pursue to work in this tough industry?

We love making music, traveling, and meeting new people. We are so blessed, the tough times don’t shine through.

If you could jump on a #BusTour with anyone this fall who would you join?

Louis The Child 😉 touring with our fam is the dream!

Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

Cruising around on a WORLDWIDE Tour playing an album with a full band.

What would you be doing today if you weren’t both artist?

Crying lol just kidding, but we’d probably be living in the mountains.

Any final thoughts?

Be on the look out for the live version of Chicago dropping soon 🙌🏼

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