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Tell us your story (How/Who/Where/When)
I am Ashley Jones, I started the Treasure Fingers project in 2007. I currently live in Atlanta. I make fun music.

Were did you get the name “Treasure Fingers”.
It was a birthday gift from a close friend of mine.

What inspires you to create music. (Passion/Emotion/Strive)
The inspiration comes from everything, I can’t really pinpoint it and it is constantly evolving & changing. Sometimes it’s purely the weather, other times its my mood or emotional events going on in my life, or even just wanting to create something that will make people dance.

What is unique about your style from other artist.
This is hard one to answer, would probably be better to have some outsider shed some light. From my point of view I don’t think I’m that different. I just take ideas from chicago & french house, try to merge it with classic 80s boogie funk and put nice new shiny production on it.

You’ve played in both the United States and Europe, so how do you compare the two. (Fans/Venues/Dedication/EDM/Outfits)
The US on a whole I usually describe as ADD culture. The DJ sets are much shorter due to club laws, the fans typically want to hear a bunch of big songs mixed quickly with big dynamics between buildups and drops every few minutes. In Europe, it’s typical to have a 3+ hour set & the crowds favor a steady groove that’s built throughout the entire set instead of just quick breakdowns/drops in every single song. Europeans tend to have better sound systems in their venues also. The US obviously has some clubs with phenomenal sound but on a whole, I don’t think we put as much emphasis on sound quality as they do overseas. 

What’s it like or will be like to play in our hometown of Atlanta at Counterpoint Festival.
It was awesome, the production and everything was amazing.. I was so excited to see a pure electronic music festival of this size happen in Atlanta. I hope it helps to expand the scene here in the future.

What do you do to prepare for a set.
I don’t do too much in the hours before a set. I try to just chill with friends, or go thru some music and organize my library a little bit. Further in advance of a set, I go thru and download all the promos I’ve been sent & download new music to check out. I don’t have any crazy rituals or anything though, kind of a boring answer I suppose haha.

Funniest thing on your rider.
Everyone thinks the black socks is funny, but they are actually really nice to have when you are touring. Fresh socks are like gold in the touring circuit.

Any advice you give upcoming artist.
Work on becoming the best you can be BEFORE you start heavily promoting yourself. It’s so easy to start a promo email list, twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts, etc, and send out your music. You want to have a strong first impression on fans and other industry people. A lot of people don’t have the patience to hear all your demos and early tracks as you grow into becoming a good producer or song writer, so they might have completely disregarded you by the time you have that big hit ready to go.

Any projects, tours, tracks, collabs, your working on that you’d like to leak.
I’ve got a single with Codes & Amy Douglas that will be out soon on Hed Kandi. I’ll also be hitting Australia and New Zealand on tour during November & December to wrap up the year.

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