The Hangover

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The Hangover Book


The expressions for ‘hangover’ vary greatly from country to country. In German the word translates as ‘male cat’. In this brochure we introduced the world’s 10 most famous ‘male cats’ using amusing stories, radical images and dubious household remedies.


“Almost everyone is familiar with the feeling, after a long and merry night spent out drinking – the hangover.
The definitions for this feeling vary from country to country. According to the German “Hangover” also known as “Kater” (which literally means cat) the booklet illustrates the world’s ten most famous hangovers in funny stories, radical images and dubious household remedies.” – Red Dot


Art Directors Club Germany 2012 / Silver / Category: Illustration
Red Dot Award 2012 / Best of the best / Category: Illustration





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