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What’s going on man? Let me first start off by thanking you to talk the time to speak with us today. We have been following you for some time, and its great to finally talk with you. How about you give us a little background on yourself?

Yoyo!  I’m William Bolton, a 21 year old artist, and producer from Detroit, MI.  I’m currently in Boston right now finishing my last semester at Boston College.

How did you get started with music?

I took piano lessons when I was very young, but never liked the music I was playing.  When i was 10 my Mom saw me trying to play an acoustic guitar at the house.  She forced me to go to one guitar lesson, and said if I didn’t like it I never had to go again.  I came out of the lesson in Love, and really started from there.  I started producing music In high school when my older brother got some recording software!

So now that everyone know a little more about your backgrounds let’s talk about your music. You recently released “The Road to Love Supreme” a ten track EP out to the public about a month ago.

“The Road to Love Supreme” is a collection of singles and b sides that I have released over the past year.  It documents my journey to the release of the actual EP “Love Supreme”.

What was your inspiration for this EP, if any?

Love Supreme is inspired by reaching HIGHER musically.  The way I look at it, Love Supreme is an EP of Rock Songs with jazz chords, with hip-hop energy.  The overall genre is still SOUL though.

Take us though your process when creating a new track from start to finish?

It’s always different.  Generally I create the beat first.  I make beats and musical ideas every day.  When I have a beat that really inspires me, I start to write ideas for a song and it goes from there!

Name three people  you would love to collaborate with in the future!

I would love to collaborate with Pharrell Williams, Lana Del Rey, and Tyler the Creator.

Why them?

Pharrell is my biggest musical inspiration, and Lana and Tyler are two of my favorite artists.

Now let’s have some fun with you. So I’ll say a series of statements, or words, and you have to say the first thing, or phrase that comes to your mind. I hope you’re ready, and no thinking about it.

Girl Group: Destiny’s Child

Snack: Honey BBQ

Pick Up Line: Ay girl whats yooo numba?

Color: Purple

Sex Position: Find out for yourself!

City: Detroit

Well that was fun, so what’s next for you?

Next for me is continuing to build a team, and releasing my new EP Love Supreme!!!

Let’s end with any words advice you could give to people.
Follow your passion, work hard, and be good to people!!!!



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