Strangers You Know

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Where did you meet, and become friends?

We met at Coachella, but still working on the friend thing. No, but seriously we got to know each other when I went down to Adams’ studio in August 13′.

How did the concept, or idea of “SYK” come to life?

That’s all public figures are, strangers you know. You develop these abstract conceptualizations based on the media, but they’re still strangers.

Reflect on the journey it has been over the years; everything from sneaking into Coachella to playing live at Base Camp this year. How was your experience that weekend, and did you think you’d perform at it?

It was everything I’ve dreamed of, and more. And more often now I have started waking up to my dreams being realized. I always knew I would play, but this is just the beginning. Bigger goals, and bigger plans in mind.

What’s the rest of your schedule looking like?

Big things in the Fall, and finishing our first American tour at Summerfest in July.

Lets’ talk about the recent release of “Loosen Up The Leash”. Where did you get inspiration for it?

A really special girl, and a few others. The bulk of it is about someone in particular who hit me hard, which is why it flows fluidly between the genres. The subjects is the blinding force. “Tied” was the hello. “Sparrow Hand” was her farewell as she fly away to San Diego.

Describe the “SYK” sound. 

Dynamic pop. We draw from both sides of the spectrum, and will sit on both by themselves too. We love hip hop. We love electronic music. We love folk. We want to be able to do each, and still maintain the vulnerability that makes the music #StrangersYouKnow

If you could collaborate with any artist?

Grady: Anderson Paak

Adam: Beck


When, and where was your first kiss?

Grady: still waiting

Adam: When  I was 12 in Idaho

What was the last thing you watched on Netflix, or Hulu?

Grady: Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix, Rick and Morty on Hulu

Adam: Black Mirror

Now to wrap everything up, what is some advice you have for other artists out there trying to make a name for themselves? Any closing thoughts?

There’s always going to be someone better than you. Don’t let there be anyone more driven.


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