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How did you get started?

Well, I started djing when I was 16 and messing around with beats, but the whole Castle Vania started when I did a remix for good friends of mine who were in an indie rock band from ATL **his home town** and they were doing their thing called snowed in, so I did it! I wasn’t thinking anything was going to come of it, it was more for fun, ya know?! Music blogs were really popular at this point and it was during the whole Myspace period. I sent it out to a bunch of dj friends and music blogs I was reading at the time and they liked it and it kind of went viral, everyone had it as their little music thing on their pages. I just made music because I wanted to make music, If you woulda told me this was going to happen**play TomorrowWorld** back then, I woulda been like get the fuck outta here!

Where do you see your music going?

I try to stay true to my sound and my roots because I have fans who have followed me this whole time but I want to evolve; music, what people are interested in, and my taste in music evolves… also the types of shows influences what you play. I consider myself a songwriter…I write music every single day. After the festival I went back home, laid in bed, and just started making a beat, literally in my bed… but that’s just what I do.

Any genre you want to venture into soon?

That’s why I like doing remixes so much. When I do a remix for an artist, I try to make it something that their fans and my fans will like, so you are kind of morphing two things together. That’s how music evolves, it’s kind of like humans… crossing genes and stuff.


Be passionate. There are two points I want to make… Number one, just do it ‘cause you enjoy it, don’t do it to become famous or some shit. When it’s fake people can tell. If you are doing it because you love it and it sounds dope to you it will resonate with other people… Number two, if you’re doing it and it hasn’t popped of yet that doesn’t mean quit… just keep doing it. The more times you attempt to do something the more chances you have succeeding. I was actually watching through the worm hole the other day, and this episode was all about exploring if there is any science behind luck. Everyone should watch that episode, it really spoke to me!

Plotting anything big for the near future?

I actually just wrote some music for a movie with Keano Reeves called John Wick. After doing that movie I feel like my writing process is so much faster now; so I’ve been writing music like crazy. I just wrote a 5 song EP for Blake Miller who is the singer of an indie rock band called Moving Units. It’s like indie rock meets disco meets electronic and I just started writing some tracks with Trinidad James. On one end of the spectrum I’m scoring movies, and then I’m doing my electronic TomorrowWorld thing along with finishing this indie project and starting some trappy ATL music. You have to be able to go with the flow; It’s good to have a plan but you need to be able to adapt, there’s a saying “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”.


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