Double Pleasure

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We had Double Pleasure talking to these beautiful artist from Belgium after we checked out them in action at the T-mobile stage at TomorrowWorld, and kicked it in the artist mansion.  Here’s a look into the men behind the music.

How did you guys meet?
Marijn: We met through music… we were playing the same venue and a friend of ours told me to check him out.
Sam: Yea, I drank too many Redbull’s… I was 16, and my mother said ‘yea you have to play at 3am so you have to stay awake till 3am’ so I thought, oh shit what am I gonna do?! Okay 1.. 2.. 3.. 4 Redbulls and I was like WHEW. And back then it was vinyl, there was no USB or CD. So, for my first record I couldn’t even get the needle on the record, so I asked my friend to put the needle on, and it was Marijn.

The ever burring question, where did you get your name?
Well…our sound is pleasurable for both the guys and the girls. The guys can fist pump and the girls can dance sexy.

When you guys first started collaborating, is your current sound the one you were looking for?
Yes and no. Music and times are always changing and evolving. We were always into groove and sexy music. We always did our own thing; we went harder, progressive, sexy, tech house… we never went EDM… but we always tried to find the good bootlegs… we never played original tracks. There are djs who follow the hype. But we want to create the hype!

So what is this sexy music?
When you are dancing, when you are feeling it and close your eyes, you feel like… yea this is going really good. You can jump you can rave but when sexy music comes on the girls will dance, shake their asses and move with it.

Where do you see your music going?
There are a lot of things we want to do. Hopefully, we see our music going around the world. We have great support by the biggest guys. We have about 7-8 tracks ready now, and we just want to get them in the hands of the biggest labels. Our slogan, and name of our show ‘Believe in your Sound’ is like we try to create our own things, we always want to invent new sounds. and if people don’t like it they can go have a drink at the bar, but if they do, they can get out on the floor and dance.

The main thing, believe in your sound. That’s what it’s all about; if you are copying what someone else is doing you won’t make it. You got to give it your own twist, and believe in what you are doing.

Do you guys eat sushi?
No because you get worms from that, I saw it on Facebook last week. No seafood! We are meat guys.

Nicki or Iggy?
Nicki, because of ‘dat ass’. I like big butts.

Tequilla or Wine?
Wine, Red wine definitely.

Favorite place you’ve played in the US?
Atlanta, Tomorrowworld! It’s the only place we have played so far in America. Haha, but the people are nice, very great! They are really friendly in the elevator. “Like what’s up my man! *daps me up* What floor you going to?!”

Who is your inspiration?
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano.

Where is your dream venue to play?
Marijn: That is a hard question as well, because I don’t care where we play, I just want to play and put our music in the world. If we are playing for 500 people and they are happy we are happy as well. If we play for 20,000 people and make them happy well that’s even better

Sam- Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, we played 2 weeks ago in Savannah, it’s like the club next to Mambo. We were so close!

Cats or Dogs?
Marijn: dogs.

Sam: cats. We actually have 2 dj cats at the studio. Tom and Jerry are wild cats so we fed them when they first started coming around and after like 6 months they just stuck around, and are our dj cats!

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