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Let’s start off by telling everyone a little about you.

Sure thing! Hey guy, my name is Chris, better known as Culture Code. I’m 21 years old from the UK and been producing now for about 2-3 years. I make melodic dance music!

How did you come up with the name Culture Code?

Back when Culture Code was a duo, a friend of ours had asked us to DJ at a venue for a few weeks and needed a name to put down on the flyer. We liked the idea of combining words together. We started with ‘Culture’ and kept trying out words until we were happy. We finally stumbled on ‘Code’ and felt that it suited us well.

Why the transition to an individual effort?

So about a year ago Culture Code became a solo artist. Dylan explained to me that he wanted to take a different direction in his life and that this was no longer for him. Were still very good friends and everything is good between us. He still supports me & my music too! The transition from working as a duo to just on my own was a little weird at first. I was used to both of us sharing and bouncing off ideas. The good thing was that we both shared similar taste in music so that when he left the ‘Culture Code sound’ was still intact in the newer releases (I hope lol).

I’ve understood that you’re trying hard to get a visa to tour. Tell us about that process, and the struggles.

For just under a year now I’ve been in the process of obtaining a visa. It’s a pretty rough process, you have to gather quite a bit of press, get letters of recommendation from people who are established within the music industry & it’s also around £2,000 for the visa. At the moment I have a part-time job to help pay all my bills and save up for the visa at the same time. The down side to this is that it takes up a lot of hours in which I could be producing & promoting my music. I do however spend every spare moment working on new material so that I can keep pushing forward towards my dream!

Where do you get ideas for your tracks, and how do you go about creating them?

I tend to get inspired by house/trance. I really love melodic & emotional music and I try to get that across in my own tracks. A lot of the time, I’ll repeat the vocal a few times until I have a vision of a melody or chord progression in my head. I’ll quickly get it down using a default patch and try to pan out the track as far as I can whilst I’m still getting the ideas down. I’ll go back afterwards and work on making the sounds better and that’s pretty much how much tracks come together!

Is there any genre of electronic music you prefer?

I’m a huge fan of Melodic Dubstep & Progressive House. These two are definitely my favorites!!

Any artist you look up too?

I have a few artists that inspire me & I am very thankful to the ones that have helped me along the way so far… Adventure Club, Krewella, KDrew, Seven Lions, Alesso, Vicetone etc…

What’s your favorite quote, and why?

“You can’t fail if you never give up trying”… I heard someone say this on radio once and it has really stuck with me. As I mentioned earlier, even though I’m finding it quite difficult at the moment to actually make a career out of this, I know that one day all the hard work will have been worth it and I will be happy that I didn’t give up!

Is there anything you’d like to share with your fans?

You guys continue to inspire me to work towards my dreams and I’ll be forever grateful! I also have a lot of new material that I will be sharing very soon! <3



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