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MCP Presents has blessed us with another music festival! The Hudson Project 2014 took place in Saugerties, New York among possibly the most beautiful scenery of the Upstate area. The weather of the weekend quickly turned the three-day, four-stage music festival into a mud bath. Many had fun trotting through the knee-high mud and many did not, but there is one thing that no one could disagree on: the music.


This new music festival offered an assortment of sounds that could please anyone’s ears no matter what their taste may be. The mainstream acts were wonderful, as assumed, but the buzz around the camp was not about the headliners. There was no doubt that Flatbush Zombies was a festival favorite! Originating in Brooklyn, they repped their state incredibly well. Their chill vibes and creative lyrics attracted many and nothing compared to their stage presence! After their performance at The Hudson Project, they are booking up really fast. The upcoming duo ODESZA created electronic genius with their set. They started off the Friday night line-up which was the best of the festival. GriZ and his funk and soul remixes blew other artists out of the water! GriZ takes soul and fuses it with old school blues and then puts it in a blender with electronic and urban flare to create his magic. Everyone was rushing to get to his set and no one stopped talking about it afterwards. Pre-gaming Odesza on the Circus Tent Stage was Bro Safari. This was the artist to see if you wanted to get wild enough to jump out of your skin. Fresh out of Ultra 2014, his mixes can only be explained as out of this world! He is quickly becoming the Picasso of dubstep moombahton with a lot of different sounds thrown in. Unique and crazy, Bro Safaris performance had no one standing on the ground for more than a millisecond. The festival was buzzing about Bro Safari and if you missed his set, don’t worry, he’s on tour!

Though the music was on point for the two days that it actually played, it was not the main talk and jabber on day three when the rain had the festival come to a screeching halt. Security became the main show and they did NOT know how to please the crowd. Understandably this was the first Hudson Project, but when it comes down to finding out evacuation details from a fellow festi rather than security itself you start to wonder what you paid for and how put together this festival actually was. “Mudson Project’s” real colors showed on day 4 when people found their cars stuck in mud and bribing was the only way to guarantee remotely speedy service. Festival goers from around America were stuck with no food or water for hours while they waited for the SINGLE towing company hired to remove all the cars.

Though it is very clear that organization and better planning is crucial before Hudson Project even thinks about hosting another festival, the fellow festival goers were a small ray of sunshine throughout the chaos. This first time small town festival in upstate New York attracted many kind souls who genuinely came for the music. Unlike certain larger festivals where getting lost can be some kind of dangerous, one could feel completely at home and safe if they chose to wander around The Hudson project. This really showed as the rain poured down and kind-hearted people all over the grounds welcomed those stranded outside into their tents and easy-ups. At the end of the day, though security and organization were out of the picture, Hudson project pulled through as a decent festival based solely on good vibes and kind hearts.

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