Bumbershoot Festival | Recap

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The city of Seattle has always been known for being a musical city. Not only musical but very artsy. The people at Bumbershoot do a great job at bringing both aspects together. The festival opens at 11:00am, which many would think is a little early for an all day event but not for these fans. As I walked in to grab my press credentials I noticed people already drinking before they go stumble around the venue.

The venue housed a variety of music extending across seven stages with big names like G-Eazy, Wu-Tang clan, SchoolboyQ, Johnny Monsoon, J Cole and many more. In the center of Bumbershoot was a huge fountain that kids could run and play in while everyone else laid out on the grass around it, the vibes were super relaxed. There was also a strip of tents set out like a vending area but instead of offering food they had many different artworks for sale.

The artworks ranged from oil based canvas paintings to furniture made out of bamboo. It was something to check out in between stage times. The stages were all very welled laid out around Seattle Center but nothing came close to the mainstage. It was set up inside of Memorial Stadium which is absolutely huge. You could choose either to sit up in the stands if you were a boring individual, or you could go down onto the grounds where the huge crowd was.

If you ever got thirsty then you could take a break from jumping up and down in the pit and grab something to drink at the beer garden. There were five different beer gardens after all. Looking back on the festival as a whole I believe Bumbershoot did an outstanding job once again. They have been doing this since 1971 and it seems like they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Overall the place was filled with good food, nice beer and awesome music.

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