Ashley Elaine Erickson

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Describe to us how you got started with becoming a  Model.

I tried modeling for years when I was younger 13-15 and I was offered contracts or call backs from IMG Next and some European agencies but I declined them to finish school. I went to college for two years and then decided to do some missions work in Texas and returned back to Connecticut my home state when I found out my grandmother died. I started working in a mall to get some extra money for the family and there was a modeling competition and I was scouted by NYM and signed a 2yr contract 3 days later. When i signed I had long curly hair and the cut it off to a short ugly bob and then made it permanently straight. I booked alot because at the time i was the only “black”  or ethinically ambigous girl that had short hair and so it set me apart. Long story short, my hair fell out due to over processing from Jobs and then my agency didnt send me on castings for 8months and treated me like crap and thankfully eventually dropped me. I was found by my current agency Wilhelmina about 8months ago, 4months after i was without an agency, and I could not be anymore happy. I LOVE them. they are soo friendly and they care! I get occasional work and I am still on development but they are great and I’m happy! very happy!


What Not to Wear, Spike TV, Victorias Secret commercial for BET’s Rip The Runway, The Today show, The View, Essence Magazine , and many others.


What is it like being a female in the modeling industry  (Stereotypes, Image, Society, Etc.)

Its definitely interesting. I guess stereotypes would be that we are forced to be skinny or perfect which on some levels are true but models are kinda weird and we have a certain swag about ourselves. Its definitely interesting being ethinc. UMM believe it or not there is still a bit of a prejudice in the industry. for instance its acceptable for white models to have extensions or imperfections on their skin but women of color are expected to have flawless skin and all natural hair….. I have far more to say on Image and Society but too much to express in written word.

Have you seen a change in what’s acceptable with in female models (  Sizes, Natural Beauty, ect)

I guess sooo i mean that isnt really the industry. Its the people the industry sells too and the society as a whole. I mean one thing that has to be understood for people on the outside is that the reason skinny like super skinny girls are wanted for high fashion and runway is because its cheaper to make clothes in the smallest size before going into production…thats it! natural beauty however is becoming slightly more prevalent.

What’s the hardest part of being a model.

Waiting for jobs and checks. I can get rejected all day long and not care but I have such a hard time being patient to get work. I just get bored I love to be busy. I always want to be working so when I’m in a little bit of a lull or waiting to hear back or waiting for money I get anxious and then just need to pray for Gods peace lol.

What’s your favorite part of being a model.

Meeting new people. I mean i have met my husband in this industry soo many kind genuine christian God fearing friends. and so many lovely interesting people. I love all of the opportunitys I get to meet and encourage people from different walks of life!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

 Hopefully a super model hahah. or just a model with more of a voice. I just want to be an inspiration to all and everyone to follow their dreams whatever they may be. I’m a people over paper person. I rather help someone out than get paid. i’m not in it for the cash.

Any advice for aspiring models.

Seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.Trust God, stay patient and dont give up on the dreams and desires placed in your heart. Fight faithfully  for what you believe in and want in live, dont give up and in the words of aleyah if at first you dont succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

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