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This first official bubbly, upbeat single is an inspirational one— the anthem of a go getter. This impressive self-produced soul-hop track goes above and beyond when setting the standard for the Summer Breeze album which drops August 20th. With a song this catchy you can’t help but get up and dance around with the beat, even Bolton himself can’t stop dancing around to it: “it’s a really fun track,” Bolton tells Hypnotic Hippo exclusively, “and tells a cool story. I can really see people bouncing and dancing to it. Haha I dance to it everyday.” Absolutely beautiful and passionate lyrics about the girl upstairs really reaches out to the listener hoping to be talked about like that girl with the caramel skin. Straight out of Detroit, nineteen-year-old William Bolton produces his own tracks and describes this one as new age Detroit soul music, where the album is a soulful modern reworking of 60s and 70s music. When asked about the album Bolton tells us that “The concept for the album is a day dream. I wrote most of the music when I was actually pretty sick and depressed at school last semester, I was able to daydream, make happy music and get away from where I was.” Since learning to play guitar at the age of eleven, Bolton was hooked into music early on in his life and has been pursing his career for a short seven months. Influenced by artists like Pharrel and Lana Del Ray, both of whom he hopes to work with in the future, Bolton is working hard to turn his music into a long term career with two more albums already in the works. 

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