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Vindata, a name that is beginning to spread like wild fire through the electronic world. The duo reigning out of Los Angeles started producing music seven years ago. Since the release of their single “All I Really Need” they have grown increasingly and rapidly in popularity. Their latest single #RightNow shows yet again why this duo is gaining so much ground and recognition. It features the seductive vocals of Njomza with help from duo Alex and Alex. Everything from the melodies and vocals to the production is flawless. Its smooth yet bouncy melodies will leave you in a mellow trance. While its sultry lyrics will have you clinging on to every single word. “Right Now” is more than just a bass pop track; it is a work of art that should be appreciated by all. This single is just another prime example as to why these two are signed to OWSLA. They have something so unique and enthralling about them that just pours out of each and every track they release. Without a doubt this duo will be a big name in the industry in just a matter of time. Their mission is to “expand how we define dance music,” and if you ask me they are already succeeding.

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