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Have you ever wondered if your life was Grand Theft Auto what song would be playing? This crazy collab from Tincup and Dirt Monkey would definitely be in there. Such a classic roll the windows down and push it song. The bass is subtle but powerful, turn this one all the up in the car and feel it inside you as the wind penetrates your face. Literally push the gas pedal all the way down, lets be honest— nothing is better than hearing the sweet sounds of the engine purr. It might not be a Ferrari or a Lambo, but in your head it is. This Colorado/Nevada colab absolutely slays this track, if trap and dub step had a baby this would be it and its a great combination. These guys definitely know what they’re doing, 50,000 combined soundcloud followers can’t be wrong— not to mention Dirt Monkey’s touring with Skrillex. Within the last five hours that the song was uploaded it already has 10,000 plays! Both of these guys are destined for greatness and can’t wait to hear more from both of them.

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