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‘Psychedelegates’ mirrors the bands’ founding vision of uniting hip-hop music and insightful rap lyricism with electronic beats and a strong emphasis on the use of live instrumentation in the recording process. The album as an idea characterizes the band as representatives for the exploration of the psyche and delegates for the imagination, while musically the songs cover a dynamic spectrum of styles and lyrical topics. With seven songs in total, the first single “Chrome Heart” showcases the groups focused approach with emcee Jackson Whalan’s quick-fast vocals riding Sam Eckstein’s haunting beat and melodic guitar lines. Another highlight is the song “Brought From Thought”, an epic production of peaks and valleys, heartfelt emotion, sweeping soundscapes, guest trumpet, and angelic vocal lines in both English and Spanish by Carmen Estevez. “Aviation” might be the heaviest track on the album with Jackson evoking rawness and lyrical aggression to a figurative opponent, honoring the traditions of hip-hop and rapping. “Underground” is a head knocking bass-centric track featuring the driving rhythms of drummer Brandon Lewis and smooth horns of Ian Stewart, ripe for the dance floor. Whether you’re trying to groove at a festival or relax in your car, Technicolor Lenses has something to tingle your spine with ‘Psychedelegates’.

Psychedelegates was self-produced, engineered, and mixed by Technicolor Lenses at Substation Studio (Housatonic, MA). The album was then mastered to the analog domain using a 1/2 inch tape machine and other analog processing by Will Schillinger at Pilot Recordings in Housatonic, MA. Will has worked on studio recordings with  Passion Pit, Paul McCartney, Beastie Boys, Taj Mahal, Miles Davis and countless other legendary musicians.

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