Nömak| Gluten Free | EP

by • June 30, 2014 • Electronic, MusicComments (0)863

Nomak kick starts his latest EP Gluten Free with a famaliar 8-bit intro for the track “Friends = Family” that screams old school. The track swings back and forth from melody to melody and each bar brings a new sound into play to keep those ear drums guessing what is to next to come. “Chrystaline”, the second track of this threesome, rocks a heavily modulated beat that you would swear was recorded right from a spaceship and then throws you into a downtempo chill sesh for a few bars, right before bringing it back up with a genre that only a higher power could label. Finishing off with the track “Clint”, which starts off with a jazz meets phantom of the opera intro/lead and then just crushes the rest of the track with a bass heavy beat, snaps, and epic drum breakdowns. Seriously, what did I just listen to!?

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