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LWKY is a LIVE dance music production duo based out of Chicago, IL. Derek Outson and Zack Harper combine modern electronic music production techniques with classic live instrumentation, both on the stage and in the studio. Their dedication to the LIVE recording process creates an enticing blend of Blues, Funk and Soul undertones all played out in the context of dance floor ready Electro-Soul and Future Bass. For years they have been developing a unique style of production that gives their sound an original spark and smoothly gels together all the many elements that compose the LWKY soundscape.

The duo’s latest album release No Sleep is the second release of their “No” trilogy, check out their first album No Pressure here! No Sleep blures the lines between Hip Hop, Electronic, and the Dub that we are all so fond of. No Sleep encapsulates your mind and teleports you to a different intergalactic dance party with every passing track. The guitar riffs in conjunction with their signature Future Bass bounce will send surges throughout your entire body that will make you want to jump up and break it down, regardless of where you are. My personal favorite track has to be “Drifting”, the track has a sort of classic rock feel; Thanks to the stellar guitar riff that adds depth and realism to the dirty nasty break down near the end. Show these Chicagoans some love!

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