LooKas | 50k Mix

by • June 9, 2014 • Electronic, MusicComments (0)557

I can’t tell you how much I am in love with what LooKas is bringing to the trap scene right now. He’s seriously one of my favorite producers and DJ’s especially coming up right now, and in my top 5 period. He’s just that good, and my predication is he will be running things by 2015, and you will be trying to see him at the music festival in your city because he will make a crowd lose it. He just reached 50,000 fans on facebook for very good reason, and to celebrate he released yet another showcase of his extremely talented mixing and DJing skills. This is why I see him  blowing up, because he really has an ear for music, and not just a knack for making it. The organization and tracklist he laid out is well balanced, and each track gets you more hyped then the last, and when you hear LooKa’s remixes thrown in there and you’re a fan, you will lose your freakin’ mind. Bring this mix to your next house party- it is the summer after all- and get things going like Project X (minus the whole flame thrower bit).

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