fwdslxsh – With You (P A T H Remix)

by • June 19, 2014 • Music, RemixesComments (0)505

Fly away with your favorite person on this planet. Turn the sound all the way up and feel yourself becoming lighter than a feather. These smooth vocals bring you to an inner calm while the bass awakens you inside and joins in sync with your heartbeat. Enter into a state of pure euphoria. This sensual song makes you want to hold someone special as tight as you possibly can and never let go. Together you can conquer the world and teach them something they didn’t know was possible. Let go of all stress and tension and become one with the water from this song flowing endlessly. This is a song you’d want to leave on replay so you don’t ever have to leave your wonderful sanctuary. An absolutely beautiful remix from the young sixteen-year-old who has a very chill and mellow consistent sound with every song and every remix that makes you coming back for more. Just one listen and you’ll know you’re on the right path.


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