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Carmada, the dynamic duo of Yahtzel (Max Armata) and LDRU (Drew Caromdy), have released their debut EP Realise through OWSLA. Realise includes 4 tracks: “Realise”, “Maybe”, “Carmalude”, and “On Fire.” With bouncy synths and catchy melodies, Realise is one of those EPs where every single track is fantastic. “Realise” features the smooth vocals of New Zealand-native Noah Slee and some trap elements. “Maybe,” their debut single that was released earlier this year, again features some tropical trap elements while adding intriguing piano chords and intense snare hits. “Carmalude” breaks out some sexy sax giving it a different feel than the rest of Realise. “On Fire” features Maribelle’s vocals and a snappy beat alongside stabbing synths that give it a Flume-esque vibe. All and all, these Australian producers break from the mold with their refreshing, genre-bending debut EP. Realise is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

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