Bro Safari & UFO! : Savage Beauty : Preview

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Hey everyone. This is a preview of a song that I wrote with UFO!. It’s one of the tracks on the new Moombahton Forever compilation, coming out on January 17th via T&A Records. A lot of people worked together to make this compilation happen and we’re all very proud of it. With this song in particular, UFO! and I really wanted to explore new patterns and sounds with a Moombahton sensibility. What we came up with here is a really interesting blend of influences ranging from Drum and Bass to Hardcore to Moombahton and many things in between.

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“People always ask me, “So how does it feel to have invented a genre?” and I usually tell them “Well, it feels good to be a part of something.” Moombahton may have started off with me making DJ edits of slowed down house music to sound like a weird version of reggaeton, but it took a worldwide collective to turn it into a full fledged movement. It’s been a little over 3 years since moombahton’s inception and I can’t even begin to describe how big the sound has grown and how far it has travelled. Moombahton has infiltrated damn near every music scene around the globe, absorbing their backgrounds and creating a vibe of it’s own. It still has the dembow riddim as it’s backbone and remains at a mid-tempo range of about 108 beats per minute. But moombahton music has grown far beyond that, and not just in sound. Over the years I’ve been able to watch moombahton bridge different worlds, transcending cultural boundaries, all in the name of the groove. Producers, DJs and music lovers alike have pushed the sound in their own way, and I’ve had the privilege of helping steer the moombah-ship in a fun & interesting direction. With the help of the genre’s innovators, T&A Records brings you Moombahton Forever. This compilation is a reflection of where the sound is today and how far it has come. I’m excited to see where moombahton will take us next!” – Dave Nada

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